The act of meditating in advance; deliberation upon a contemplated act; plotting or contriving; a design formed to do something before it is done. Decision or plan to commit a crime, such as murder, before committing it. A prior determination to do an act, but such determination need not exist for any particular period before it is carried into effect. Thought of beforehand for any length of time, however short. State v. Marston, Mo., 479 S.W.2d 481, 484.
Premeditation is one of the elements of first degree murder, and in this context, means that defendant acts with either the intention or the knowledge that he will kill another human being when such intention or knowledge precedes the killing by a length of time to permit reflection. State v. Clabourne, 142 Ariz. 335, 690 P.2d 54, 64.
See also deliberate
- malice aforethought

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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